What is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn offers a wide range of different ad formats, from billboards and text ads to personal messages to users.

Depending on the specifics of the business, LinkedIn can often be a great advertising channel – a very favourable environment to reach potential business representatives. We help those who use this channel to increase awareness, expand their contact list and find new business customers or qualified employees.

Linkedin reklama

Universal platform

Four out of five LinkedIn users are decision makers. You can reach them by identifying the positions, companies, and skills you are interested in. LinkedIn is a great platform not only for businesses whose customers are other businesses, but also for those whose goods or services are intended for ordinary users, as the purchasing power of LinkedIn users is twice as high as those coming from other social platforms.

Our success story

We had a task for the client to find suitable employees for a job position. We received 49 high quality employees that already met our specified criteria and qualifications. The contact price was 3.06 euros.

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