What are Facebook and Instagram ads?

Facebook advertising is a wide range of ads on the social media platform, adapted to a very wide range of purposes: from gaining contacts and generating sales to interactive formats to increase brand awareness.

Regardless who your target audience is – business representatives or niche product collectors, you can reach them on Facebook advertising network.

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Experienced team

In APG Media team, we have experts who constantly engage in Facebook Ads algorithms and participate in various experiments, which helps our clients to choose the most appropriate advertising goals and formats for their business. Advertising is optimised to bring those users who are most likely to buy your product or service and as we accumulate more data, we are able to show ads on Facebook to those users who are most similar to your customers.

Our success story

Since partnering with online grocery store, we have improved the quality of their overall website traffic by attracting those users who are shopping most frequently. The frequency of purchases increased by 46%.

The price o generated sales from Facebook ads was halved. We have achieved that with an increase in advertising costs, the return on advertising investment would not only remain the same, but increase as well. Since the beginning of the cooperation, the return on the client’s advertising investment has increased by 80%.

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