March Newsletter: Unleashing Premium Power, Marketing Trends, AI Models & Lemon8’s Social Splash

In a blink, another month bites the dust, and March was far from a snoozefest. The world feasted on memes starring US senators putting TikTok’s CEO in the hot seat over WiFi wizardry. We’re pretty sure our readers are done with Tech 101, so let’s jump into the deep end of marketing buzz, heating up with the temps outside.

Pandemic Pivot: Premium Products Reign Supreme in Post-Lockdown Consumer Landscape

The pandemic supercharged brand growth, but as we trade virtual desks for real ones, reality’s knocking. Consumers are splurging on travel, dining, and fun they missed in lockdown. Numerous companies found the same solution – premium products for premium audiences who don’t bat an eyelid at double-digit inflation when waving their bank cards. Even WD-40’s dabbling in the luxury game. Cha-ching!

Premium goods: the antidote to discount whirlwinds. Last year, Krispy Kreme wooed customers with “Beat the Pump” deals, slinging a dozen doughnuts for a gallon of gas’ price. Now, they’re riding the premium wave, rolling out fancy, special occasion doughnuts. In just a month, “premiumization” popped up in about 60 earnings calls and investor chats. Brace for “premium” to become your new BFF.

Renting Revolution: How Product Rentals Tackle Rising Prices and Boost Brand Loyalty


Product rentals are another trend that has emerged in response to two global issues: rising prices and a lack of sustainability. If your product has a high enough value that the purchase process takes time, give consumers the opportunity to rent your product and decide whether to buy it or not. This way, one product can earn back its value two or more times. This booming biz model is a hit with modular home makers, sauna builders, and luxury brand resellers.

Running shoe brand On Running has leaped ahead of its competitors by announcing a subscription for running shoes. They made one sustainable shoe line accessible only to subscribers, meaning customers either get new shoes or pay full price when they decide to buy.

So whether you sell homes or shoes, rental options can increase consumer confidence in your brand, generate more sales, and generally create a new revenue stream for your business.

Levi’s Embraces AI-Generated Diversity: Fashion Meets Tech for Inclusive Visuals

Levi’s, the denim titan, is stirring up the fashion scene by testing AI-generated models for a diverse visual buffet that reps real peeps. So, why wasn’t this a thing before? The question is why this wasn’t done before, and why advertising stands were exclusively reserved for a specific body type. While ethics experts examine the clash between the worlds of fashion and AI, small biz trailblazers are already dabbling with AI magic to turn basic product snaps into Photoshop gold. Canva‘s your go-to for quick, easy transformations.

marketing trends-ai photo editing

Lemon8: Fresh Squeeze on Social Media 🍋 ByteDance’s New App Takes the Stage, Expanding your Marketing Horizons

Were you in our March marketing and SEO tricks webinar? Our expert squad spilled the tea: new platform features are a must-try because algorithms love ’em. Extend that advice to hopping on fresh social media platforms, repurposing content FTW. TikTok’s parent, ByteDance, ain’t sitting pretty, waiting for Congress to decide its destiny. Enter Lemon8, a Pinterest-Instagram lovechild, now in the U.S., UK, Japan, and beyond. Not worldwide yet, but this beauty, lifestyle, and travel-focused network is already climbing charts and buzzin’. Eager to join? VPN’s got your back. Everyone else, eyes on the horizon and patience in check.

marketing trends- lemon8

And that’s the end of this month’s digital marketing adventure. But wait, there’s more! Have you set up your GA4 account yet? The July 1st deadline is approaching, and it’s time to make sure everything is in order. If you need help, we’re just a mouse click away.

Until the next newsletter, we wish you calm algorithms and great results!


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