Rev Up Your Career Engine with APG Media - Digital Media Intern Wanted

Hey, you! Yeah, you there, the one with dreams bigger than the cloud and a passion for all things media. Got a work ethic that’s fiercer than a hungry lion on a gazelle? Love learning more than you love Friday nights? 🍿 Well, buckle up ’cause we’ve got a sweet ride for you!

At APG Media, we’re on the hunt for an all-star Digital Media Intern who’s ready to jump on the media rollercoaster with us. You’ll be right there in the engine room of our Media Department, getting hands-on with real projects and turning challenges into victories. Send your CV over to

You Are:

  • A media aficionado with an appetite for learning 🚀
  • Energizer bunny-level of work ethic 🐇
  • Communication pro – you nail the details like a DIY guru 🛠️
  • Creative whiz – your outside-the-box thinking is outta this world 🌍

We Offer:

  • A paid internship with your name in the credits 🎥
  • A supportive team vibe that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow 😎
  • The golden ticket to the Willy Wonka factory of media knowledge 🎫

Ready to go full-throttle into the media universe with APG Media? Shoot your CV over to and let’s shift this career journey into high gear!

This ain’t just an internship, it’s the start of your epic media adventure. So, what are you waiting for? The stage is set. The spotlight’s on. It’s showtime! 🎬

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