We efectively provide all digital marketing solutions so that together we can achieve the best results possible. Years of experience and thousands of managed campaigns ensure that our suggested digital marketing solutions will help Your business.

We help increase the awareness of cultural and educational events and promote ticket sales online. Applying Google Analytics, will help to track and improve user experience of virtual educational applications.

Denim Dream entrusted us with the administration of Facebook advertisements in Lithuania. With our help, the customer reached exceptionally high sales figures with low customer acquisition cost.

We help to sell more online, when the direct sales from the website are very important for the company, we feel that we are an important part of their team.

We help to attract new customers and increase the number of repeat orders by implementing advanced analytics and sales promotion solutions on Facebook and Google.

For Open24 we help to sell leisure clothing and footwear not only in the Lithuanian market, but in Latvia, Estonia and Poland as well. We are constantly testing latest formats and capabilities of advertising together.

Together with a customer in the UK, we have achieved all the growth targets set by the Starter Accelerator and at the same time increased sales.